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Compare and select the best lawn care company in York PA

Lawn care companies are plenty in many parts of the United States; you might be tricked into thinking that everybody is an expert in lawn care. From the clean-looking guys that have a highly professional air, to the ones riding in dubious vans, you will find them all in the local offer of “professional lawn care providers”. In such a climate, you must probably like to be able to compare and select your options confidently. If you are not an expert, chances are small to know exactly what should you pay attention to. However, in the following paragraphs you will learn from professionals what you should search in professionals.


See what’s on the “Menu”

Yes, unfortunately, the self-acclaimed professional lawn care companies understand by “care” simply mowing a lawn. But you are smart enough to tell this is not what a truly professional should have on their offer. Avoid these companies. They are probably just some dubious guys with a shady van and an old mower trying to make some money. True professionals may or may not a clear “Menu” to display, but if you get in touch with them you will most probably find out that besides the mow and blow drill they also perform slightly more complicated tasks. Natural fertilization services, lawn grass replacement, even pest control, will be present in their offer. Weed management services, turf aeration, seeding, should be other tasks you should look for in a great lawn care company.

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Find out with what type of teams you are dealing with

The honest folks down the road might be offering such services, but do they really have the studies and the know-how? A great company should have a separated team and manager for every service they offer. The fertilization department should have an agronomist managing the team, the pest control department also, and so on. Then, you should pay attention to the workers. Find out if the workers are supervised closely, if they have experience in the matter, if they have been trained properly, if they can be replaced at your request (if the request is justified), and so on. The two-member companies should not be your option. Instead, you should search for companies that have delimited responsibilities, depending on each department.

The Chemical Brothers or Organic Lawn Care companies?

This should not even bother you too much. You know which one is your best option. And while many states banned the usage of chemical products for lawn care purposes, the laws are still flexible in others. Even if you opt for chemical substances (although it’s not advisable), the neighborhood should be previously notified and most probably you will have to stay indoors with all your doors and windows closed for quite some time. This is too much of a bother. However, a popular and environmental-friendly option that lately occurred on the market is organic lawn care. These services are provided by reliable companies that, once again, have highly specialized, trained and studious staff, and their philosophy revolves around minimizing the impact their actions have on the environment. Make sure you choose the last option.

Here are some tips and tricks you can apply to make sure you choose a reliable lawn care company.

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